Aisling Bea 40 Reveals Pregnancy with Help from Paul Rudd and Travis Kelce

Aisling Bea 40 Reveals Pregnancy with Help from Paul Rudd and Travis Kelce

Aisling Bea 40 Reveals Pregnancy with Help from Paul Rudd and Travis Kelce

Irish comedian and actress Aisling Bea has announced her pregnancy in a uniquely humorous way. The 40-year-old star of “Avoidance” took to social media to share the exciting news, following her appearance at the Big Slick event where she showcased her baby bump.

On her Instagram, Aisling posted photos featuring her bare stomach adorned with a cartoon face. She posed alongside American celebrities like Paul Rudd and Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, making the announcement even more memorable.

In her caption, Aisling humorously wrote, “Dignity Intact. Got pregnant so I could try & put something beside Paul Rudd’s face to make him look older. Thanks to the @bigslickkc, Paul, @sethherzog super boy @travisKelce & mostly our angel @sherylcrow for helping me show off my bump in the most dignified & classy way possible.”

She also thanked Sheryl Crow, who she described as an “angel,” for allowing her to debut her bump in a fun and classy manner. Aisling added, “Sheryl said myself & Seth could be her very professional back up dancers with our ridiculous idea, how on brand! She really does just wanna have some fun, yawl.”

In a light-hearted note, Aisling warned her followers about using sharpie pens on their skin, saying, “Just to note if you use sharpie pen on your skin, it will be there for about two days. Just if you are weighing up what a commitment to a joke is worth. Gentle dermatitis is the answer.”

Among the first to congratulate Aisling was “Bridgerton” star Nicola Coughlan, who commented, “Aaah congratulations!!” on her post. Former Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo and X Factor legends Jedward also shared their excitement, with Jedward writing, “Let’s go baby momma you gonna have such a cool future.”

Fans were equally thrilled, with one commenting, “That’s an exceptional bump reveal right there! Many congratulations! Xxx,” and another adding, “This was not on my 2024 bingo card!!! Huge congratulations, lovely news.”

Back in 2017, Aisling humorously addressed the frequent questions about her reproductive choices. She tweeted, “I get asked about having children so much in interviews, when we’re talking about my achievements, views & work, that I’m beginning to think I might have HAD some children, forgotten & the journalists are worried that I’ve left them somewhere. #HasAnyoneSeenMyChildren?”

Earlier this year, Aisling shared a harrowing story about a cycling accident that left her arm severely injured. She recounted the incident on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” explaining how she needed surgery to reconstruct her shoulder after being knocked off her bike during the pandemic.

The injury led to changes in the scripts for the second series of BBC’s “Avoidance,” where Aisling plays Megan. She had to film with her arm in a sling and relied heavily on painkillers to get through the scenes. “We were scheduled to film for a week and a half. Out of my head on painkillers. I just remember it as one long day,” she recalled.

Aisling’s character Megan adds drama to the show as a new love interest for Jonathan, played by Romesh Ranganathan. The first series aired in June 2022, and a second series was commissioned last year.

Discussing the awkwardness of filming romantic scenes with Romesh, Aisling admitted it was challenging due to their off-screen friendship. “Totally harder,” she confessed. “The two of us had one scene where we had to kiss for the first time for as long as Jessica Knappett, who is an amazing actress, came in the back and we’d split our heads apart and Jess would be there. It took longer for her to open the door than we thought! I knew I was doing bad kissing. When they finally called ‘cut’ I said ‘You’re not going to tell Josh Widdicombe, James Acaster and all the lads about us kissing are you?”

Aisling’s pregnancy announcement has been met with widespread joy and congratulations from fans and fellow celebrities alike. Her unique and humorous approach to sharing the news has certainly made it a memorable moment.

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