Ben Affleck Spent Time With J.Lo at Home They’re Trying to Sell

Ben Affleck Spent Time With J.Lo at Home They’re Trying to Sell

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly navigating a complex phase in their relationship, with recent developments suggesting they are living “separate lives.” Despite this, Ben was seen visiting their $60 million home over the weekend, sparking curiosity and speculation about their current status.

According to Page Six, Ben spent a brief four hours at the mansion on Sunday evening before leaving in his black Mercedes. This visit comes amid reports from TMZ that the couple is “quietly” trying to sell their home for $65 million. Additionally, J.Lo is said to be actively searching for a new house.

Entertainment Tonight spoke to a source who confirmed that Jennifer is indeed touring houses and leaning on her family during this transitional period. The source added that Ben is “sad” about the state of their marriage but is focusing on his work, being a great dad, and co-parenting with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. He has also been relying on his close circle of friends, including Matt Damon, who has always been supportive.

Neither Ben nor Jennifer has publicly commented on their relationship, leaving room for speculation. Some believe they might be selling their mansion with plans to downsize or move together. However, the lack of official statements keeps everyone guessing.

Rumors about their relationship troubles began when Jennifer was seen house-hunting alone in Los Angeles on May 14. The next day, In Touch reported that Ben had already moved out of their $60 million home. A source claimed that despite their love for each other, they couldn’t make it work due to unresolved issues from their past.

TMZ recently reported that the couple is “quietly trying to sell the home they bought after they married” and have enlisted realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency to facilitate the sale. The property, which spans five acres, features a 46,000-square-foot home with 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, an indoor sports complex, a sports lounge, and a bar.

Despite the rumors of an imminent divorce, Jennifer was seen wearing her wedding ring during a Los Angeles outing on June 9. This sighting came after Live Nation announced that Jennifer would be canceling her world tour to spend more time with her family. In a statement to her fans, she expressed her heartbreak over the decision but emphasized that it was necessary.

Some speculate that the couple might be working through their issues separately, while others believe Jennifer is leading a joint house hunt. There are even conspiracy theories suggesting that the breakup drama was manufactured to distract from poor ticket sales and give Jennifer an excuse to cancel her tour. However, selling a $60 million home to commit to such a plan seems far-fetched.

Entertainment Tonight reported that the couple’s property is being shown to potential buyers, with the asking price set at $65 million. The outlet also noted that Ben has been staying at a home in Brentwood by himself, further fueling rumors of a split.

An insider told InTouch that the writing is on the wall for their relationship, claiming that they are headed for a divorce. The source added that despite their efforts to mature and learn from past mistakes, the issues that tore them apart the first time around have resurfaced.

While neither Ben nor Jennifer has been photographed together since March, they are both still wearing their wedding rings, adding to the confusion. A source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple is living separate lives but has not officially separated. They are said to be spending time with friends and family as they navigate this challenging period.

Jennifer is reportedly leaning on her mom, sisters, and kids, while Ben is focusing on his work and co-parenting. He has also been relying on his close friends, including Matt Damon. Despite the rumors of an imminent divorce, a source told the Daily Mail that Jennifer still hopes to save the marriage and is willing to make significant sacrifices.

As things stand, the future of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship remains uncertain. Fans and observers are left to speculate and hope for the best as the couple navigates this challenging time.

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