Dublin Chef Plans to Open Restaurant in Co Wexford Town

Dublin Chef Plans to Open Restaurant in Co Wexford Town

A renowned Dublin chef is set to bring a fresh culinary experience to Co Wexford town with the opening of a new restaurant in New Ross this summer. Dave Rowley, a seasoned chef with a rich background in Dublin’s vibrant food scene, is preparing to launch Bearú, named after the Gaelic word for The Barrow. The restaurant will be located at the former Sugar & Spice premises, directly opposite Brennan’s Lane, which is currently being transformed into an urban community space.

Rowley, who resides in The Rower with his wife Siobhan, has been meticulously fitting out the new venue, which will accommodate up to 30 diners. Bearú will offer gourmet breakfasts and lunches from Wednesday to Saturday, and will transition to fine dining on Friday and Saturday nights. The chef, who has previously worked at esteemed Dublin establishments such as Dali’s in Blackrock and Juniors Deli & Cafe near Google Docks, is excited to bring his culinary expertise to New Ross.

Inspired by the Barrow River, which flows near his home, Rowley has long harbored the dream of opening a restaurant in New Ross. The move to the area in 2020, just before the pandemic, solidified his desire to create a dining destination that reflects his passion for high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. The father-of-two is now in the process of assembling a team, reviewing applications for managerial and waiting staff positions, with interested candidates encouraged to reach out via Bearú’s Instagram account.

The chef’s vision for Bearú includes a strong emphasis on baking, with plans to collaborate with a local artisan baker. The restaurant will also feature top-notch coffee and a variety of dine-in options. Rowley is committed to using premium ingredients, offering a menu that includes specials, soups, sandwiches, and breakfast items. Seafood, a personal favorite of Rowley’s, will be a prominent feature on the dinner menu, complemented by a selection of fine wines.

When the opportunity to rent the premises arose, Rowley seized it, eager to bring his culinary vision to life in New Ross. He aims to open Bearú by mid to late July, providing the community with a new dining experience that combines contemporary cuisine with a relaxed atmosphere.

The chef’s journey from Dublin to New Ross marks a significant step in his career, as he transitions from working for others to running his own establishment. Rowley expressed his excitement about this new chapter, emphasizing the importance of backing oneself and taking bold steps towards achieving one’s dreams. The support and enthusiasm from the local community have been overwhelming, with many people sending their best wishes and CVs in response to the restaurant’s launch announcement on Instagram.

Rowley’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to creating a unique dining experience are evident in every aspect of Bearú. From the carefully curated menu to the thoughtfully designed space, the restaurant promises to be a welcome addition to New Ross’s culinary landscape. As the opening date approaches, anticipation is building for what is sure to be a standout dining destination in Co Wexford town.

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