First AI Beauty Pageant Reveals 10 Finalists

First AI Beauty Pageant Reveals 10 Finalists

The first-ever AI-generated beauty pageant has revealed its top 10 finalists, showcasing a new frontier in the world of digital creativity. This groundbreaking event, part of the World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs), saw 1,500 computer-generated models evaluated on their realism, technical prowess, and influence. The finalists are now competing for a grand prize of £16,000 ($20,000).

Will Monange, co-founder of Fanvue, the leading social media platform for AI content creators, expressed his amazement at the high standards of the entries. He noted that the awards have highlighted previously unknown creators with compelling stories and exceptional talent. Monange emphasized that the AI creator space allows individuals to participate in the creator economy without needing to be the face of their content.

Among the finalists are lifelike AI models from various countries, including Morocco, France, and India. One notable finalist is ‘Portuguese’ Olivia C, a travel influencer with 10,600 Instagram followers. Olivia C expressed her excitement about being part of the tech world’s ‘Oscars’ and hopes to pave the way for a future where technology fosters connection.

Another finalist, Morocco-based family blogger Kenza Layli, boasts 192,000 Instagram followers. Layli aims to empower women in Morocco and the Middle East through her AI-generated content. She engages with her audience in seven languages, providing guidance and inspiration as a virtual coach.

The competition’s judging panel includes two famous AI models, Emily Pellegrini and Atiana Lopez, alongside real-life judges such as Lord Alan Sugar’s PR advisor, Andrew Bloch, and Britain’s only pageant historian, Sally Ann Fawcett. Fawcett, who has been the Head Judge of Miss Great Britain for the past decade, praised the realism and positive influence of the AI contestants.

The Miss AI winner will receive £4,000 ($5,000) in cash and a mentorship worth £2,000 ($3,000). The runner-up will get a promotional package worth £1,600 ($2,000) and access to an exclusive creator course, while the third-place winner will receive a consultancy call with Fanvue and a £400 ($500) promotional package.

Other finalists include Anne Kerdi from France, who promotes the Brittany region and ocean conservation, and Zara Shatavari from India, who advocates for women’s health through her AI persona. Aiyana Rainbow from Romania promotes LGBT acceptance, while Lalina from France focuses on cultural collaboration and empathy.

Seren Ay, Turkey’s first AI brand ambassador, uses her platform to promote Turkish history and national holidays. Asena Ilik from Turkey aims to show that AI models can become influencers through creativity and entertainment. Eliza Khan from Bangladesh is a fashion-forward AI influencer advocating for inclusivity and fairness. Lastly, Ailya Lou from Brazil, a Japanese-Afro-Brazilian artist, focuses on post-photography and performance, connecting with Brazilian culture and the African diaspora.

The finalists will compete for a place in the top three, with the winners announced in a virtual ceremony later this month. The event has sparked both excitement and criticism, with some questioning the societal impact of AI-generated beauty standards. However, the competition highlights the growing influence of AI in the creative economy and its potential to reshape the future of digital content creation.

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