Jake Carter Teases Brother Nathan Is Going On Love Island

Jake Carter Teases Brother Nathan Is Going On Love Island

Jake Carter has stirred up excitement among fans by hinting that his brother Nathan might be joining the Love Island villa. Nathan, who is currently single, added fuel to the fire with a mysterious Instagram story on Thursday. He mentioned he would be appearing on a TV show and invited fans to guess which ITV show it could be.

With the new season of Love Island starting on Monday, Jake seized the moment to playfully suggest that Nathan would be entering the villa in search of love. Jake posted on Instagram, “Best of luck to the big bro heading into the Love Island villa! Nathan Carter we love you and know you’ll be amazing as always. See you soon bro.”

However, before fans could get too carried away, Nathan clarified that he was actually filming for a cooking show set to air on ITV later this summer. The country singer didn’t miss the chance to get back at Jake. On Thursday, which was also Jake’s girlfriend Karen Byrne’s birthday, Nathan joined in the brotherly banter.

Nathan humorously wished Karen a happy 40th birthday on social media, even though she is only 32. Karen shares her birthday with Nathan’s mother, and he posted a family photo with the caption, “Happy 60th to mum [and] happy 40th to Karen, the dancing queen.”

Despite the playful jab, Karen likely saw the humor in it, especially with Jake’s heartfelt birthday post calling her “his world.” Happy birthday, Karen, and good luck on Love Island, Nathan!

Meanwhile, Jake Carter is having a strong start to the year with his New Year’s resolutions. He is set to release a new single, “Love Me Like You Do,” on Friday. The mid-tempo love song, originally written as a piano ballad, is expected to be a hit.

Jake collaborated with Irish singer-songwriter Megan O’Neil on the song. Despite having a famous brother who is also a singer, Jake revealed that they have written songs together. During lockdown, they had a few writing sessions, and some of their co-written songs appeared on Nathan’s last album. Although they haven’t had the chance to write together recently, Jake expressed his desire to collaborate more in the future.

Jake has five new songs lined up for release in March, including “Love Me Like You Do.” His upcoming EP promises a sound reminiscent of Tom Grennan, Jonas Brothers, Take That, and McFly. Speaking ahead of the release, Jake shared that one of his resolutions was to focus more on music, and he is thrilled to finally release the song.

Writing with someone else can sometimes feel like therapy, as it often involves expressing real-life emotions. Jake mentioned that this can sometimes lead to trouble, but it’s also what makes the music relatable. When asked if the song was about his long-time girlfriend Karen, Jake humorously said he told her it was about their dog, Lenny. He prefers to let people make their own assumptions about his songs, but this one seems quite obvious.

Jake’s new single is set to drop on Friday, January 19, and he will be performing at the Academy 2 on Saturday, February 3. Both Jake and Nathan Carter are among Ireland’s most talented musical artists, each with their own unique style. While Nathan is a popular country singer, Jake has made a name for himself in the pop genre.

Despite their different musical paths, there is still hope for a future collaboration between the brothers. Jake shared that they have some unreleased music together, and fans are eagerly waiting for them to release more songs. Jake’s journey in the music industry has been about proving people wrong and establishing his own identity, separate from his brother’s country music fame.

Jake and Karen have been dating since 2018 and live together in Dublin with their adorable dog, Lenny. The inspirations for Jake’s new song remain under wraps, but it’s clear that his relationship with Karen plays a significant role in his music.

As fans eagerly await the new season of Love Island and Jake’s upcoming music releases, the Carter brothers continue to entertain and surprise their audience with their talents and playful banter.

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