Jennifer Lopez has ‘worn down’ Ben Affleck honeymoon phase is over report

Jennifer Lopez has ‘worn down’ Ben Affleck honeymoon phase is over report

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s honeymoon phase appears to be over, with reports suggesting that the couple is now on “two completely different pages.” According to insiders, the pair’s marriage has been plagued by ongoing split rumors, and sources close to the couple are weighing in on the discourse.

The “Let’s Get Loud” singer, 54, and the Oscar-winning actor, 51, have reportedly been “taking some space” to determine whether their relationship is right for both of them. A source told Us Weekly that the couple, who tied the knot in 2022, are experiencing significant strain in their marriage.

Affleck, known for his role in “Argo,” apparently “doesn’t agree with Jennifer’s lifestyle” and feels “worn down” by the marriage. The insider added that the father of three has been “checked out” and that the duo is on “two completely different pages most of the time.”

Both Lopez and Affleck have demanding careers that often require them to be in different cities, which has added to the strain on their relationship. Lopez has reportedly begun to “ramp up her work commitments” and is prepping for her upcoming “This Is Me… Live” tour, which kickstarts next month. The source noted that Lopez is very focused on work and tends to overextend herself, which has led to the couple spending time apart due to contrasting work obligations.

This physical and emotional distance has highlighted the growing rift between them. Over time, Lopez and Affleck have found it increasingly difficult to communicate effectively, with small misunderstandings escalating into significant arguments. The source explained that they have fundamentally different approaches to conflict, with Lopez preferring to confront issues head-on, while Affleck is more reserved.

Additionally, the couple’s differing approaches to parenting and finances have exacerbated their marital woes. Lopez, who shares twins Max and Emme, 16, with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, is worth an estimated $400 million. Affleck, who has three children with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, is worth around $150 million. These financial disparities have reportedly caused tension in their relationship.

Earlier this month, a source told Page Six that Affleck has “come to his senses” about the pair’s marriage. The couple first sparked split rumors when Lopez attended the 2024 Met Gala without Affleck, despite serving as one of the event’s co-chairs. A week later, TMZ reported that the pair were living separately, with Affleck staying at a home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, less than 30 minutes from their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion.

Affleck has also been quietly house-hunting around the LA area, further fueling speculation about the state of their marriage. Despite these challenges, Lopez remains committed to working on the marriage. The insider noted that while Affleck was initially hesitant, he has since begun to invest more in resolving their marital issues.

Since moving out of their Bel Air mansion, Affleck has reportedly struggled with loneliness and has realized how much he misses Lopez. The couple is said to be reassessing their priorities during their time apart to determine what they truly want from the marriage. Some friends believe they will be able to work it out due to their deep bond, while others are worried that the relationship has run its course.

Affleck was recently spotted without his wedding ring, adding to the speculation about their relationship. However, he was seen wearing the ring again last Friday, indicating that there may still be hope for the couple. Lopez, on the other hand, has been seen attempting to conceal her feelings, with her own ring briefly slipping into view.

Reports of the couple’s marital woes began circulating last week after they hadn’t been seen together since late March. Despite the challenges, Lopez has thrown her heart and soul into her love story with Affleck and is determined to fight for their relationship. She has remained committed to working on the marriage and believes there is still a lot of love between them.

Affleck, who was previously married to Jennifer Garner, has also been trying to navigate the complexities of his relationship with Lopez. The couple’s love story spans back to 2002 when they first began dating and got engaged later that year. However, they parted ways in 2004 after postponing their wedding. They ultimately reconnected in 2021 and tied the knot the following year.

As the couple continues to navigate their relationship, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to overcome their differences and find a way to make their marriage work. For now, they are taking time apart to reassess their priorities and determine what they truly want from their relationship.

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