Kartik Aaryan on viral pic with Sara Ali Khan at Ganapati Pooja

Kartik Aaryan on viral pic with Sara Ali Khan at Ganapati Pooja

Kartik Aaryan recently addressed the buzz surrounding a viral picture of him with Sara Ali Khan at a Ganapati Pooja. The image, which quickly made rounds on social media, sparked numerous speculations about their relationship. Kartik, in a candid conversation, shared his thoughts on the matter, emphasizing that the attention was unwarranted.

The actor expressed that he and Sara have always maintained a cordial relationship. Despite the public’s curiosity, Kartik clarified that they are just friends. He mentioned that if a script appeals to both of them, he would be open to working with her again. This statement has fueled hopes among fans who enjoyed their on-screen chemistry in their previous collaboration.

Kartik’s comments come at a time when both actors are busy with their respective projects. He acknowledged the unnecessary attention the picture received, suggesting that it was blown out of proportion. The actor seemed unfazed by the rumors, focusing instead on his professional commitments.

The viral picture from the Ganapati Pooja showed Kartik and Sara in a candid moment, which many interpreted as a sign of rekindled romance. However, Kartik’s recent statements have put those rumors to rest. He reiterated that their interaction was purely friendly and that they share mutual respect for each other.

Kartik also touched upon the possibility of reuniting with Sara on the silver screen. He expressed enthusiasm about the idea, provided the right script comes along. This has led to speculation about potential future projects featuring the duo. Fans are eagerly waiting to see if their on-screen magic will be recreated.

On the work front, Kartik Aaryan has a busy schedule ahead. He is currently involved in several high-profile projects, which are keeping him occupied. Despite his hectic calendar, he remains open to new opportunities, including potential collaborations with former co-stars like Sara.

Sara Ali Khan, on the other hand, is also making waves in the industry with her upcoming films. She has been selective about her roles, focusing on projects that challenge her as an actor. Her professional journey continues to evolve, and fans are excited to see what she brings to the screen next.

The viral picture incident has highlighted the intense public interest in the personal lives of celebrities. Kartik’s response to the situation reflects his maturity and focus on his career. He seems determined not to let rumors affect his professional relationships or his work.

In conclusion, Kartik Aaryan’s recent comments have provided clarity on his relationship with Sara Ali Khan. While the viral picture from the Ganapati Pooja sparked various speculations, Kartik’s straightforward approach has dispelled any misunderstandings. Both actors continue to focus on their careers, with the possibility of future collaborations remaining open. Fans can look forward to seeing more of their favorite stars on the big screen, whether together or in separate projects.

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