Kian84 reveals he’s a huge NewJeans fan calls them his greatest muse since Big Bang

Kian84 reveals he’s a huge NewJeans fan calls them his greatest muse since Big Bang

Kian84 Reveals He’s a Huge NewJeans Fan, Calls Them His Greatest Muse Since Big Bang

Kian84 has recently expressed his admiration for NewJeans, proudly identifying himself as a dedicated ‘uncle fan.’

In a preview for the popular show ‘I Live Alone,’ Kian84 was seen enjoying a NewJeans performance on television while engaging in everyday activities like eating and folding laundry. The performance he was watching took place at the Pusan National University festival.

As he watched, Kian84 couldn’t help but sing along to NewJeans’ hit song “Bubble Gum.” The music seemed to invigorate him, prompting him to start exercising right in his living room.

During the preview, Kian84 made a notable statement, declaring that NewJeans is his biggest muse since the legendary K-pop group Big Bang.

Fans and netizens reacted with enthusiasm:

“LOL he is a Bunnies”

“Since Big Bang lolol I love NewJeans too”

“The fact that he isn’t even watching just an MV lol”


“Oh wow he is watching PuChella”

“He’s telling the truth if he says they are his muse after Big Bang lol”

“It looks like there are a lot of artists among NewJeans fans”

“His facial expression there is my facial expression”

“I wonder who is his bias”

The preview has generated significant buzz, with many fans eager to see more of Kian84’s genuine enthusiasm for NewJeans.

NewJeans, known for their catchy tunes and dynamic performances, have clearly made a lasting impression on Kian84. His open admiration for the group highlights the widespread appeal and influence of NewJeans in the K-pop industry.

As Kian84 continues to share his love for NewJeans, fans can look forward to more heartwarming and entertaining moments on ‘I Live Alone.’

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