Lupita Nyong’o Pedro Pascal Movie Clips Debut at Annecy

Lupita Nyong’o Pedro Pascal Movie Clips Debut at Annecy

DreamWorks Animation’s latest project, “The Wild Robot,” has made a significant impact at the Annecy Animation Festival. The film, featuring the voices of Lupita Nyong’o and Pedro Pascal, is directed by Chris Sanders and is set to hit theaters on September 20. The presentation at Annecy included two extended clips and a new trailer, which captivated the audience.

Chris Sanders, a three-time Oscar nominee, shared insights about the film’s progress, revealing that the team is nearing completion. The movie is an adaptation of Peter Brown’s book series and follows the story of ROZZUM unit 7134, known as Roz, voiced by Lupita Nyong’o. Roz finds herself stranded on an uninhabited island and must learn to connect with the local animals to help an orphaned gosling prepare for migration.

Sanders emphasized the team’s goal to evoke an “analog warmth and soul” in the CG-animated project, aiming for a look that closely resembles hand-drawn animation. He mentioned that the team starts with inspirational paintings, striving to make the final product indistinguishable from the development artwork.

The director also highlighted the guiding principle from author Peter Brown: “kindness can be a survival strategy.” This theme is central to the film, as Roz learns to navigate her new environment and form bonds with the island’s inhabitants.

The first clip shown at Annecy depicted Roz exploring her surroundings, eliciting laughter from the audience. The second clip, which showcased the growing bond between Roz and the gosling Brightbill, voiced by Kit Connor, brought many to tears. The emotional response from the audience was evident, and Sanders was visibly moved by the standing ovation.

DreamWorks Animation president Margie Cohn expressed her excitement about the film, calling it a potential DreamWorks classic. The ensemble cast also includes Bill Nighy, Stephanie Hsu, Mark Hamill, Catherine O’Hara, Matt Berry, and Ving Rhames. Jeff Hermann produces the film, with Dean DeBlois serving as executive producer.

The Annecy Animation Festival continues through Saturday in Annecy, France, and the debut of “The Wild Robot” clips has certainly set a high bar for the event. The film’s exploration of themes like kindness, survival, and connection promises to resonate with audiences when it releases later this year.

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