Netizens speculate which idol group’s fight halted filming following staff member’s Instagram story update

Netizens speculate which idol group’s fight halted filming following staff member’s Instagram story update

Netizens Speculate Which Idol Group’s Fight Halted Filming Following Staff Member’s Instagram Story Update

Recently, a staff member’s Instagram story ignited a flurry of speculation after hinting that a fight among idol group members caused a significant disruption in filming.

On June 8th, the staff member shared an Instagram story that alluded to a chaotic event on set. The story mentioned that a clash between idol members led to a considerable delay in the filming process. The post read, “It’s my first time having to halt filming because members fought with each other while filming.”

This particular staff member has a history of working with well-known groups such as NCT, RIIZE, and ZEROBASEONE. This connection has only added fuel to the rumor mill, leaving fans and netizens eager to uncover the truth behind the incident.

Comments from netizens have been pouring in, with some expressing disbelief and others criticizing the staff member for sharing such information publicly. One comment read, “So they fought in front of the staff, who are older than them, leading to a delay in production? lol that’s funny.”

Another netizen questioned the staff member’s professionalism, saying, “Well, is he not worried about his reputation in the industry? No one would want to work with a big mouth.”

Some fans believe that such internal matters should not be shared on social media. One comment stated, “I feel like you shouldn’t update such a thing on social media. I wouldn’t hire someone like him who would reveal internal events.”

Speculation about which group was involved has been rampant. One netizen commented, “This can’t be an SME boy group. Their calendar was full today.”

Another speculated, “Is this NCT again…?” while someone else added, “Must have been real bad to prompt him to do this.”

There are also those who believe that staff members should have the right to voice their opinions about such incidents. One comment read, “I honestly think staff members should voice their opinion more like this. It’s ridiculous celebrities don’t work just because they are in a bad mood. They aren’t royalty.”

Some fans even found humor in the situation, with one saying, “It would be hilarious if I saw that background in NCT’s content later.”

Others defended the staff member, pointing out that he works with various groups and questioning why SME artists were being dragged into the speculation. One comment read, “He works with all kinds of groups and why are y’all dragging SME artists?”

The incident has left fans and netizens buzzing with curiosity and speculation. The identity of the idol group involved remains a mystery, but the incident has certainly sparked a lively discussion online.

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