Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge is ‘crumbling’ but Duke ‘still won’t leave’

Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge is ‘crumbling’ but Duke ‘still won’t leave’

Prince Andrew is reportedly spending his days “watching TV in a dark room” at his deteriorating Royal Lodge, as King Charles intensifies efforts to evict him. Insiders have dubbed the situation the “siege of Royal Lodge,” highlighting the ongoing standoff between the brothers.

Andrew, who stepped down from royal duties over four years ago, has lived in the Royal Lodge since 2002. The property, located in Windsor Great Park, Berkshire, is in dire need of repairs, estimated to cost around £400,000 annually. Despite having already invested £7.5 million into the property, sources indicate that Andrew can no longer afford the mounting expenses.

Recent photos reveal the mansion’s stucco exterior crumbling and mold growing on the walls. The 30-room estate, which Andrew shares with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, requires an estimated £2 million in repairs. Last year, Andrew reportedly spent £200,000 on roof repairs alone.

The Duke’s refusal to leave the Royal Lodge has led to a clash with King Charles, who wants his brother to move out. Courtiers have suggested that Prince William and his family might eventually move into the property. Andrew, however, has rejected the idea of relocating to Frogmore Cottage, the former home of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Andrew’s financial troubles are compounded by his inability to return to public duties after settling a sex trafficking case linked to Jeffrey Epstein. Despite the mounting costs, Andrew remains adamant about staying in the Royal Lodge, citing his 75-year lease.

A friend of Andrew told The Times that the situation could be resolved gracefully or forcefully, but it is ultimately sad. The friend added that life at the Royal Lodge is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for Andrew, and that relinquishing the property would bring him greater comfort and family support.

King Charles is reportedly unwilling to continue funding Andrew’s lavish lifestyle. Sources close to the monarch suggest that he may reconsider the level of support he provides if the standoff continues. Andrew’s police protection was removed when he stepped down from public duties, but Charles has been covering his multi-million-pound private security bill.

The crisis shows no signs of abating, especially after Netflix released its hit drama “Scoop,” detailing Andrew’s disastrous Newsnight interview. An Amazon series on Andrew’s downfall, featuring actor Michael Sheen, further highlights his tarnished reputation.

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede, who runs East of Eden PR agency, believes Andrew’s reputation is beyond repair. Ede called the Duke “deluded” for thinking he could return to royal duties and urged him to enjoy a quiet life in exile. He emphasized that there is no public support for Andrew’s return to public life.

Reflecting on the infamous Newsnight interview, Ede compared its fallout to the Frost vs. Nixon interviews. He criticized Andrew for not recognizing the toxic nature of his association with Epstein and for agreeing to the interview in the first place. Ede believes Andrew’s worst mistake was not understanding the gravity of the situation and failing to read the room.

The brothers are reportedly engaged in a standoff over the Royal Lodge, with King Charles pushing for Andrew to move to Frogmore Cottage. The monarch’s desire for Andrew to downsize comes after he reportedly cut Andrew’s £250,000 annual allowance, previously provided by the late Queen Elizabeth.

As the Royal Lodge continues to deteriorate, the question remains whether Andrew will recognize that his pride has made him a prisoner in his own home. Handing back the keys could offer him greater comfort and the continued support of his family. However, for now, the Duke remains steadfast in his refusal to leave the crumbling estate.

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