Tig Notaro’s 7-Year-Old Sons Just Learned She And Her Wife Are Gay

Tig Notaro’s 7-Year-Old Sons Just Learned She And Her Wife Are Gay

Tig Notaro’s 7-Year-Old Sons Just Learned She And Her Wife Are Gay

Comedian Tig Notaro recently shared a heartwarming and somewhat surprising moment from her family life. During an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on June 4, Notaro revealed that her 7-year-old twin sons, Max and Finn, just discovered that she and her wife, Stephanie Allynne, are gay.

When Colbert inquired about how her Pride Month was going, Notaro admitted it had been “a little weird.” She explained that she and her wife had only recently realized their sons were unaware of their sexual orientation. “They will be 8 this month,” she added, highlighting the unexpected nature of the revelation.

The conversation unfolded during a short car ride to the boys’ school, which is just six minutes from their home. At the three-minute mark, while discussing something related to being gay, Finn leaned forward and asked, “You’re gay?” Notaro was taken aback. “I was so stunned because we’ve lived together almost eight years, and I’ve been gay the whole time — even prior!” she joked.

Notaro’s initial shock quickly turned into a more serious conversation. “Yes! We are,” she confirmed to her son. However, she found herself feeling insecure as she began to explain what being gay means. “I started getting insecure, thinking, what if he doesn’t like this?” she admitted.

Her worries were soon alleviated by Finn’s simple yet profound response. When she asked what he thought about what she had just told him, Finn replied, “Oh, I love my family.” This touching moment reassured Notaro and Allynne that their sons’ love for their family remained unchanged.

After dropping the boys off at school, Notaro and Allynne couldn’t help but wonder how their children had missed such a significant detail about their family. “We truly drove off going like half-a-mile-an-hour, like ‘How on earth do our kids not know we’re gay?’” Notaro mused. She realized that while their sons knew they had two moms and had seen pictures from their wedding day, they might not have fully understood what being gay means.

This revelation comes as a reminder that children often see the world in simpler terms. The concept of having two moms was normal for Max and Finn, but the label of “gay” was something they hadn’t yet grasped.

Notaro also shared another amusing family anecdote on “Live with Kelly and Mark.” She recounted how her sons heckled her during her first stand-up performance they attended. “They weren’t meaning to heckle me. They were fact-checking,” she laughed. Her son Max, in particular, was skeptical of her stories, exclaiming, “Yeah right!” and “That’s not true,” much to the audience’s amusement.

These moments highlight the unique and often humorous experiences of parenting, especially within a family that defies traditional norms. Notaro and Allynne’s journey as a couple and as parents continues to be filled with love, laughter, and the occasional unexpected revelation.

As Pride Month progresses, Notaro’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of open and honest conversations within families. It also underscores the innocence and acceptance that children often bring to such discussions. For Max and Finn, the discovery that their moms are gay was just another piece of information about the family they already love dearly.

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