Where Lala Kent Brittany Cartwright Stand After Babysitter Fight

Where Lala Kent Brittany Cartwright Stand After Babysitter Fight

Where Lala Kent and Brittany Cartwright Stand After Babysitter Fight

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent and The Valley cast member Brittany Cartwright have found themselves at odds over a disagreement involving a babysitter. The tension between the two reality TV personalities came to light during the season 11 reunion of Vanderpump Rules, where Lala revealed that an offscreen argument had taken place.

During the reunion, Lala expressed her frustration, stating, “Brittany acted so out of pocket on the day of my gender reveal.” She accused Brittany of reaching out to her mother, Lisa Burningham, on the same day she was celebrating her second pregnancy. Lala, who is currently expecting a child via IUI and is already a mother to daughter Ocean, shared that Brittany’s actions were inappropriate.

Lala recounted the incident, saying, “Do not text my mother the day that I find out that we’re having a baby girl and say, ‘Did you really hire our nanny without our permission?’” She added that Brittany was in Kentucky with her son Cruz and mentioned that Jax Taylor, Brittany’s husband, was yelling at her. Lala’s response was clear: “Well, then you need to have Jax call me so I can eat him alive instead.”

One of the points of contention was the use of the term “nanny” instead of “babysitter.” Lala emphasized, “People like to get real Hollywood quickly and call babysitters nannies. Babysitter and nanny? Very different things.” She went on to say that if it hadn’t been Brittany, her mother would have reacted more strongly. “My 63-year-old f–king mom is being questioned by Kentucky muffin. Are you joking?”

In June, Brittany shared her perspective on the situation during her “When Reality Hits” podcast. She expressed surprise that Lala brought up their argument at the reunion, saying, “I was kind of taken back by that because at that point, she had already apologized to me, [and] I had already apologized to her. So, we were completely fine, everything was good so I was kinda thrown. Like, ‘Why is this being talked about at the reunion?’”

Brittany, who shares son Cruz with Jax, claimed that she and Lala had resolved their issues. However, Lala hinted that they hadn’t been in contact since their confrontation. When asked in May whether she had made up with Brittany during an Amazon Live session, Lala responded, “TBD. I like that answer.”

Despite the apparent resolution, Lala’s comments on the “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast in June suggested that their relationship was still strained. She mentioned that they were “taking a breather from each other” and admitted that she wasn’t close with several former Vanderpump Rules costars. Lala explained, “I have made this very clear. Like I’ve always said when there’s someone who is not talking to a lot of people, you usually have to look in the mirror and say, is it me? And it’s definitely me. I’m changing. I’m wanting different things.”

In addition to Brittany, Lala has distanced herself from Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix. She also provided insights into what led to the end of her friendship with Kristen Doute. During the podcast, Lala referred to Brittany’s husband as a “buffoon of a human” and confirmed that they weren’t close.

Brittany, on the other hand, expressed her confusion over why the argument was brought up at the reunion. She reiterated her love for Lala and acknowledged her mistake in sending the text message on that particular day. “I do love Lala and my mistake was writing the text message, which was a nice message — I would never be rude or mean to anybody, let me make that very clear,” Brittany said on her podcast. “But, my mistake was writing the message on that day, I shouldn’t have done that. I apologized immediately for that.”

Brittany argued that the situation “sounded way worse on the reunion” than what actually happened. “It was just more of the shock value,” she noted. “But we had already apologized to each other and gotten over it since then.”

As of now, the status of Lala and Brittany’s friendship remains uncertain. While Brittany has expressed her love for Lala and acknowledged her mistake, Lala’s comments suggest that they are still taking a break from each other. The drama between the two reality stars continues to unfold, leaving fans wondering if they will ever fully reconcile.

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