Suzy and Park Bo Gum Stun Fans for Wonderland on Allkpop

Suzy and Park Bo Gum Stun Fans for Wonderland on Allkpop

Suzy and Park Bo Gum Stun Fans for Wonderland on Allkpop

On the morning of May 9 KST, the cast and director of the highly anticipated film ‘Wonderland’ gathered for a press conference at Yongsan CGV I’Park Mall. The event saw the presence of lead actors Park Bo Gum, Suzy, Tang Wei, and Choi Woo Sik, along with director Kim Tae Yong. Unfortunately, actress Jung Yoo Mi was unable to attend due to a sudden illness, as conveyed by director Kim.

‘Wonderland’ is a film that explores the emotional journeys of individuals who reconnect with their deceased loved ones through a virtual service. The movie is set to hit theaters across South Korea on June 5, and fans are eagerly counting down the days.

Suzy and Park Bo Gum have captivated audiences with their performances in ‘Wonderland,’ directed by Kim Tae Yong. The duo has been generating significant buzz, particularly with their duet song, which has become a focal point of interest.

In the film, Suzy portrays Jung In, who revives her comatose boyfriend Tae Joo, played by Park Bo Gum, in a simulated reality. The narrative promises to deliver profound emotional depth through these characters. Director Kim Tae Yong, in collaboration with the late music director Bang Jun Seok, conceptualized a song that would connect Jung In and Tae Joo in their imaginary world. Both actors enthusiastically agreed to the project, allowing it to proceed smoothly.

The song, which aims to evoke a sense of familiarity and novelty akin to the Wonderland service, is based on Bach’s ‘Air on the G String’ and was arranged by Bang Jun Seok. The lyrics were co-written by Director Kim, Bang Jun Seok, and Park Bo Gum. Notably, Park Bo Gum contributed lyrics that reflect Tae Joo’s emotions and even named the song ‘WISH: Wonderland is here,’ showcasing his deep involvement in the project.

Despite their busy schedules, Suzy and Park Bo Gum dedicated time to thoroughly learn and practice the song, resulting in beautiful harmonies that add depth to their characters. Park Bo Gum expressed his affection for the duet, describing it as a scene that encapsulates the emotions of those using the Wonderland service. Suzy also highlighted it as the most memorable scene, recalling the intense practice sessions with Park Bo Gum before filming.

‘Wonderland,’ which depicts a story of reuniting with loved ones through an AI video call service that brings back deceased individuals, will be released nationwide on June 5.

Netizens have been buzzing about Suzy’s latest Instagram update featuring Tang Wei and Park Bo Gum. On April 29th, Suzy shared pictures taken with Tang Wei and Park Bo Gum at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards. The event, held on April 28th, was hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Suzy, and Park Bo Gum. Tang Wei won the best actress award for her performance in ‘Decision to Leave.’

In her Instagram caption, Suzy wrote, “Team Wonderland💚Tang unni, Bogumi oppa, and shy me…” The post garnered reactions from netizens, with comments like, “Suzy’s caption is so cute lol I can’t wait till Wonderland hits theaters,” “Visually stunning,” “I feel like they filmed Wonderland years ago. I hope to see it in theaters soon,” “Gorgeous,” and “I love their chemistry.”

Meanwhile, ‘Wonderland’ is slated to hit theaters in Korea sometime this year. The film was shot between April 2020 and May 2021, before Park Bo Gum enlisted for military service.

Suzy and Park Bo Gum have also shared cozy selfies for ‘Wonderland.’ On April 30, Suzy posted two-shots of the onscreen couple with the caption, “Taeju and Jeongin.” In the photos, the ‘Wonderland’ co-stars are seen with their cheeks side by side, with Park Bo Gum holding up Suzy’s chin. The film has also released still cuts of the two actors, who are working together for the first time. ‘Wonderland’ is an upcoming sci-fi fantasy film about a virtual world where people can reunite with someone they may not meet again through artificial intelligence. ‘Wonderland’ is set to premiere on June 5, 2024.

In a delightful treat for fans, photos of Suzy and Park Bo Gum donning flight attendant uniforms for their roles in ‘Wonderland’ have been released. These photos have quickly captured the hearts of Korean netizens, who are buzzing with excitement over the duo’s on-screen chemistry and impeccable visuals in the upcoming film.

Korean netizens have commented, “This is going to be legendary,” “They look so good together,” “These photos are crazy. Makes me excited to watch the film,” “This makes me feel happy,” “Bo Gum is so handsome and Suzy is so pretty,” “Their visual chemistry is legendary,” and “Oh my. I love these photos.”

‘Wonderland’ tells the stories of individuals who reunite with their deceased loved ones through a virtual reality service. The film is set to premiere in theaters across South Korea on June 5.

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